Seminars & Workshops

We are constantly offering seminars and workshops to interested parties about various aspects oft he music business.

Our most popular Seminar is the „Introduction to he Music Business“ class. It gives clients with very limited time (investors, owners of label start up companies, label staff) a fast and efficient overview about the music business, rights, revenue sources, structure & players, contract types, terminology and basic music project cost calculation. The last portion is reserved to client project specific questions. This seminar is very compact and demanding
It takes 8 to 10 hours with few breaks only, depending on existing skills and client requirements. After completing the seminar, the client will have an idea how the business works, and basic skills to participate in investor or license meetings

Other seminars are dedicated to special subjects of the industry, such as copyright, digital exploitation, artist management or event. We can offer tailor made seminars about each and any music business related subject

The seminars will be hold by one or more consultants of our network team.

Costs are depending on the subject and time required. Usually they can be hold at clients location. However, all travel costs (airfare, hotel, class room) have to be provided seperately by the client who books the seminar.

Subjects / Line: 

1. Intro seminar; overview about the music business

Headlines (can be adapted)

1) Players and sources of revenues
Who are the main players and what their function is. What is a record label? What is a publisher? Who does what, and from where derives the revenue stream?
(120 minutes, depending on knowledge of participants)

2) Overview of most important type of contracts and a brief comparison
Artist agreements and what is a 360 degree deal
License Deal vs Distribution Deal
Forms of distribution deals
=> Fix order vs consignment
=> Fixed supply prices vs distribution fee
=> P&D Deal
Physical vs Digital; Short intro in digital distribution
(60 – 90 minutes)

3) Definitions, terms and procedures
What are PPD’s, ARP’s, Royalties, Distribution Fees, Advances, Statements, how to calculate a royalty, how to calculate distribution fee
(45 minutes)

4) Publishing related issues. What you should know as a Label
Mechanical licenses and how they are handled in Europe (physical, digital)
What is a synch license?
(30 minutes as a wide part has been already explained in (1))

5) Short intro in cost calculations
Fix costs vs variable costs, contribution margin, project calculations, break even calculations
(45 minutes)

6) Selected subjects
(examples; open to your suggestions)
a) Stock management
b) Synchronization licenses
c) PPL
d) Digital distribution set up
(60 minutes, up to the participants, and what they want to hear)
Subjects / Line: Intro seminar; overview about the music business

Frank Hessing, Founder and partner of MusiConsult network; graduatd in Business administration/ Economics (University of Cologne), 6 years for southern European group of companies, 3 years head of Business Affairs for german distributor, since 1998 Head of MusiConsult Network, provides business & legal services for the music industry

2. Subjects / Line: Artist & PR

1. Artist Management
What’s an artist manager, which are its responsibilities, what skills does a manager need to have. How does the artist manager interact with the other members of the artist’s team. How does the manager interact with the other key people in the music industry.
(1 – 1,5 hrs)

2. How to prepare a national act for song contest like Eurovision
What measures and steps are necessary to enter and succeed in the song contests. Finding the right song, putting together the stage act, promoting the artist/song. Tips for the participation in the international semifinals/finals.
(0,5 hrs)

3. PR & Promotion
How to promote your artist. Why PR&Promotion is important for an artist. PR&Promotion techniques for artists.
(1 – 1,5 hrs)

Anca Lupes, Head of Star Management Romania, founder and trainer for the Showbiz Academy (teaching classes about artist management and show organizing) . Anca is graduated in at Berkeley college with a Master Certificate in Music Business and runs a successful group of companies in Romania. She coached, managed and promoted the artist Sistem who went place 3 in the Eurovision song contest held in Kiev in 2005 (number one in the semifinals).

Anca is our Network Partner since 2009; since several preliminaries found in Romania are similar to the situation found in Ukraine, we think that Anca is in the position to give valuable inputs.


3. Subjects / Line: Legal aspects

1. Artist Branding 
Branding has become an essential part to sustain an artist’s career. It is about a precise analysis of the artist’s core potential, building up the artist’s “corporate identity”, getting together an executive team of experts like a producer, an agent, a record label, a publisher, a business manager and an entertainment lawyer to provide all the services that are necessary to place the core issues of the artist brand right where they can lead to a successful and long-lasting artist career and to a highly efficient exploitation of the initial rights in all media (TV, Radio, Internet, etc.).


2. 360 Degree Artist Deals
This workshop explains a modern and highly efficient exploitation of artist’s rights. It is about the joint assignment of rights in sound- and audiovisual recordings, composition rights, live-performances, merchandising- and other rights of one artist, organized and exploited under one roof.

Everything Digital
Legal Aspects of digital exploitation

Götz Schneider Rothhaar, Entertainment lawyer, part of MusiConsult Network

About Götz Schneider-Rothhaar
Since 1994, Götz Schneider-Rothhaar has worked exclusively in the fields of copyright and media law in the entertainment and marketing trade. During the period from 1994 to 1997, he worked at various law firms specialized in the fields of copyright and media law in the entertainment and marketing trade in Frankfurt and London. From 1998 to 2009, he was the owner of the law firm Schneider-Rothhaar Rechtsanwälte specialized in entertainment law and, in 2009, was a co-founder partner of the professional partnership FUHRMANN WALLENFELS Frankfurt am Main.

Götz Schneider-Rothhaar represents, at national and international levels, persons and enterprises in connection with music, film, TV, internet, advertising, photography, design, franchising, online trade, distribution and trademarks.

He sees himself as a marketing lawyer. On the subject of marketing, Götz Schneider-Rothhaar says: “Only a person who deals with rights and their licensing in a careful manner and within a sensibly planned overall context can create and preserve values in the marketing of persons and products.”

Götz Schneider-Rothhaar is a regular participant in panels and congresses at the music trade fairs POPKOMM (Berlin) and MIDEM (Cannes / France) or other specialist conferences, such as e.g. the eDIT in Frankfurt am Main or the film festival Rio Market in Rio de Janeiro. He gives lectures and holds workshops on the subjects of copyright and media law, has already published various articles on these subjects and is an active member of the IAEL (International Association of Entertainment Lawyers). He is General Counsel to one of the most prestigious German artist management companies.

Götz Schneider-Rothhaar is a member of the “Lawyer specialized in copyright and media law” (Fachanwalt für Urheber- und Medienrecht) committee of the Chamber of Lawyers of Frankfurt am Main. He trains lawyer specialized in copyright and media law and is a lecturer at the University of Mainz in the LL.M. Media Law master course.