Our fees

We have various types of fees. Which fee applies to which service depends on our mutual agreement and is individually negotiable, as every deal and service differs in the work required.

Cost Retainers

Cost retainers are prepaid securities, in order to assure our expenses such as mail-outs, travel, phone, etc

Service retainers

One time or monthly payments, depending on the service. Service retainers are non-returnable. However, if a commission has been agreed upon, the retainer might be recoupable against the commission.


There are two types of commission:

* We made an aquistion of the business (we initiated the deal)
Usually our commission is between 20 and 25 Percent of the incoming revenue

* Our client initiated the deal but we carried the negotiations

Usually our commission is 10 percent of the incoming revenue

The comission vary and are depending on the type of services and work involved

Hourly charges or one time flat service fees

In some cases we can agree upon such fees, such as contract revisions or consulting session (per phone, personally, through fax or internet)

However, all abovementioned fees are subject to individual negotiations,
and obviously depend on the services and worktime involved