Our general conditions

Apart from competence, our business relies upon good contacts, straight deals and business ethics. We are serious, and we only work with serious people. Because we would like to offer the best service possible to one customer, we reserve the right to refuse service for any party or deal which might not appear suitable to us

This may also apply due to capacity reasons. If we are overbooked, we may not accept additional business, in order to give our existing clients the service which was promised to them.

In all cases of sublicensing, our clients must confirm in writing that they hold all necessary rights.

All agreements are closed directly between Licensee and Licensor; being an intermediary and/or service provider our office will not be held responsible for any lack of rights. However, we must ask our clients for compensation of costs which may occure to us if it appears during (or after) the negotiations that our client is not in the possession of proper rights. In cases of contract negotiations, we will keep our clients at all time informed on the state of the negotiation and what the other side offers. Once the deal is done and agreed, the conditions are resumed and the paper work is forwared to our client. Legally our client will close the agreement directly with the other partner. We act only as intermediary and/or service provider and cannot be held responsible for fullfillment of any of the clauses. However, we are dedicated to protecting the interests and rights of our clients and therefore advise them only to sign agreements with which they can uphold in full.

In all cases in which a third party service is involved or required (eg promotion agencies, graphic services, attorneys) the service agreement will be closed directly between our client and the third party. Our office does not take responsibility for payments to third parties. However, we reserve the right to claim compensations for costs and inconveniences occured to us if the third party is not paid without a justified reason.