Neighbouring rights collection: Get what is yours

We noticed that many artists and master owners still do not collect their neighboring rights efficiently on a worldwide level. Under a collaboration with an agency that has a variety of direct agreements with PRO’s we can assist in setting it up for you…

Les Tambours du Bronx perform again

Following their long Covid Break, the french percussion group Les Tambours du Bronx have resumed their Live performance activities. Concert updates available on our clients site

Meet the masters in Paris

Under a collaboration with IMusic School, several of our clients will start to record master classes in France. First featured artists are the Vocalist Derrick Green, Drummer of the year Eloy Casagrande and Paulo Xisto Pinto (Bass)

All Sepultura Tours postponed to 2022

Due to still insecure Covid related scenarios, our management team has postponed all Sepultura tours toward 2022, starting with the US tour in spring 2022. The first tour concert will take place on March 4th 2022 in Sacramento CA. All tour dates under

MusiConsult at Midem 2020

Since 20 years our international consulting network is represented at MIDEM, the international music business convention in Cannes (France) with an own stand. For the first time we won’t do MIDEM, as the event was cancelled due to Corona. Neither our annual MusiConsult Dinner in Antibes ….aka “The Duck Dinner”. That’s a real tough one …🙁

New client: Moonspell, Portugal

Moonspell is a recognizable Metal band from Portugal, formed in 1992, with a long history of successful releases and even international chart entries. We are handling certain business affairs for this client.

Catalogue for sale: 27.000 masters

Our office is handling the sale of an extensive catalogue from Southern Europe (including repertoire from Africa, Brazil, Jazz et al) , 27.000 recordings in total, never been released digitally. Contracts, chain of title, parts perfectly organized. Inquiries must have full contact details, and can be addressed to international using our contact form.

New client: NorthTale USA/ Sweden

Recently formed power Metal Band NorthTale, founded by Bill Hudson and Christian Eriksson, will be releasing their first album in Summer 2019. MusiConsult Network is accompanying their international business affairs, in order to establish a solid structure for their international agreements and copyrights.

Northtale line up

Bill Hudson: Guitars
Christian Eriksson: Vocals
Mikael T Planefeldt: Bass
Patrick Johansson: Drums
Jimmy Pitts: Keyboards

Sepultura releases wine from Alentejo, Portugal

The brazilian Metal Band SEPULTURA have been active for over three decades, but now they put their skills and their knowledge in two good wines. Together with MusiConsult, the business management of the band, the Portuguese wine producers Roquevale and the dutch importers Drankgigant, they created a full-bodied, powerful red wine and a pleasant and playful white wine, which are going to dance on the tongues of every wine enthusiast. But whoever thinks that this is just another gimmick by a legend… they couldn’t be more wrong! SEPULTURA not only emphasize quality in their music and the details, but also took care of the best grapes for their wine. They aged in the Region Alentejo, a Portuguese vineyard that is well-known for its hot temperatures and low settlement. Also, in the production they don’t do things by half – handcraft is the key to the point. The wine isn’t only an eye-catcher, but also a must-taste that is not a product of any industry. Of course, there where only used organic ingredients and no chemicals at all